Visit Algarve, top 5 destinations

Algarve is located in the southern part or on the coastline of Portugal. It is famous for the world's one of most beautiful places since it has a lot to discover here.

It is also famous for having perfect sandy beaches where you can surf and go fishing as well. Algarve has an ideal climate that can be your classic holiday destination.

To live your best unique experience in Algarve, you can hire our classic cars or avail of our van rental services. Our classic cars include Mini Moke, Mehari, Lomax, 2CV, Caravelle, and much more.

Today, we will talk about the top 5 destinations that you can visit in Algarve and which cars or vans you can hire from us while you visit Algarve.

Top 5 destinations to visit in Algrave

Following are the top 5 destinations to visit while you are planning your trip to Algarve. Many places and destinations can be found in Algarve, which can be classified according to surfing or beach places.

Following are the famous destinations known for surfing in Algarve.


Carvoeiro is one of the most beautiful destinations where you can visit while your stay in the Algarve. It is a traditional unique resort town with an exceptional view of the deep blue sea with sandy shores.

You can visit Carvoeiro by renting out our classic cars like Combi VW. It is a perfect car or van-type car that can be ideal for those who travel in groups of friends and family.Since Carvoeiro is famous for its deep surfing waters, you can reach here by putting your surfboards into our Combi VW without getting concerned about the space since this car is super spacious and enough for 8-9 people.

Carvoeiro is also known to offer a trip to Bengali cave by traveling through a boat tour. If you are fond of historical places, Carvoeiro has a historic town as well known as Silves. 


Tavira is another top most destination that you can visit in Algarve, Portugal. Tavira is present on the eastern side of the Algarve. This town lies with the nearby river flowing that is known as Gilao River.

  • Tavira is a town paved with cobble stones and tiled houses, making the whole streets look historic and filled with culture.
  • It also consists of famous beaches like The Praia do Barril. Here you can surf along with exploring the Anchor's cemetery.
  • There are many bars and relaxing restaurants where you can reach by car hire or vans. For places like Tavira, you can hire our Karmann Ghia car. 

It is a vintage or retro car that is not available very easily since the production for such cars is now stopped in recent times. But if you want to experience the unique and lively days of your vacation while you are in Tavira with a touch of vintage style, then you can hire car and vans from us.


    Silves is the known ancient capital of Algarve with a load of ancient history and historical places to offer. It was the main trading center where the boats would sail from the Arade that would cross till North Africa.

    • Though a lot of the old infrastructure has now been demolished still there is a lot to discover. You can visit Silves for surfing and also for Silves daily market.
    • You can travel to the Silves daily market by renting our classic cars like Renault Floride.
    • Renault Floride is a sports car that was manufactured during the early years of 1958-1968. It has a rear engine with an open rear drive offering 2-to-4-seater seats.

    You can drive this in the cobbled streets of Silves for wandering around since it is a small town and narrow streets.


      Aljezur is a small yet popular town famous for its markets. It also has streets that are made out of cobbled stones and cozy houses. It is present by the distance of 30 kilometers of Lagos, or to be more specific, it lies between the border of Algarve and Alentejo. 

      • Aljezur is filled with ancient history like Silves as well. Not only this but it has beautiful beaches where you can go surfing and fishing as well.
      • You can plan your trip to Aljezur by booking a flight to Faro, Portugal, and once you reach the airport, you can hire our cars or vans as per your liking.

      We recommend you to hire our Caravelle car since it offers spacious seats, comfortable drive and luxury trip as well. Or you can hire our Lomax car, which is quite ideal to be driven around the cobbled and ancient streets of Aljezur.

      Aljezur has much more to offer than just surfing or wandering around. You can place a visit the Aljezur Castle, which is a Moorish castle that was built in the 10th century, which is a very long time ago.

      Following are the places that are famous for their beautiful beaches in Algarve.


        Like any other city in the Algarve, Portugal Lagos is also popular for its history but most importantly for the beautiful beaches that it holds. 

        Lagos is a mixture of both history and modern tourism that has led to the opening of traditional and new restaurants that offer authentic food or flavor of Algarve. It has a very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Lagos is the best place to enjoy your favorite cocktail. To get to Lagos, you can hire our cars or vans like Mehari or Mini Moke. These cars are small but very cozy that can be fit for 4-5 people.

        They are fit to drive in the cobbled streets of Lagos or a trip to the beach as well. We have vans too if you are looking out for more spacious seats or if you are traveling in groups.

        Final Remarks:

        The above-specified places are the top 5 destinations that you should visit during your stay in Algarve, Portugal. You can hire our services if you want a pleasant experience and enjoy your tour without any travel issues.