Ultimate experiences in Algarve, Portugal

Algarve, Portugal, is one of the most attractive tourism destinations, especially for the summer days. The beaches here are stunning. However, what most people do not know is that there is a lot to explore.

Algarve is a place with a lot of diversity in the things and places that you can explore here. So, the best is to get our car hire services for classic cars or vans. In this way, you will be able to explore most of this place.

 Here we will be disguising the best things that you must do in Algarve, Portugal.

Amazing activities and places that you must experience while you are in Algarve, Portugal.

There are a lot of things that you can do here. However, if you get the car hire services for classic cars and vans, your trip will become even more interesting. These cars like the Combi VW, Renault Floride, Karmann Ghia, and other classic vehicles will provide once in a lifetime experience. At the same time, they will make exploring the place very fun and easy.

So, here are the ultimate experiences, activities, and places you must not miss while you are here.

Golfing in Algarve, Portugal, with classic cars will be an amazing option.

If you are up for vacations and need some fun time, playing golf will be an amazing choice. What supports this choice is that there are many locations where you can go to play gold. Another amazing thing is that this will be a time away from the rush of the public so you can enjoy it with your family. However, looking for the right location will be tricky as there are many options.

Each provides competitive prices and services. The good part here is that you do not need to worry about the distance if you get our car hire services for the classic cars and vans like Mini Moke, Mehari, MG, and other cars. It will make sure that whatever location you choose to play golf will be easier to reach. In this way, you can add other things as well to your day of playing golf.

Some of the best golf options that you can go for are:

  • Monte Rei Golf Course.
  • Laranjal Golf Course
  • Old Course

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the wineries and Vineyards in Algarve, Portugal.

One of the best experiences that you want to get here is visiting Vineyards and Wineries. The thing is that local vine production is very famous around the truer world, and you can get the chance to experience it. Not only does this provide the opportunity to taste, but you can also see the plants and the machinery. It will be a different experience in itself.

One difficult thing is that the vineyards are far from the cities, and getting it is different. However, if you get the car hire services from us, then you can get to all the vineyards in Algarve. The best part is that the whole family can enjoy the trip in classic vans like Combi VW and Caravelle in the vintage style. So, if you are looking to visit some vineyards, the following are your best options:

  • Quinta Da Tor (Loule)
  • Quinta Dos Vales (Estombar)
  • Villa Alvor (Portimao)

Explore Faro

It is a small city present in the south with a very rich history. There are a lot of old buildings that you will love to visit and explore. One of the most amazing parts of this place is the Santa Maria Church, also known as Faro Cathedral. The amazing thing about this church is that you can get on top and have a stunning view of the place. Other buildings will take you to the early 18th century.

Enjoy the beaches of Algarve, Portugal, with surfing and other sports activities.

It is the part that brings a lot of people here. Well, if you are looking for some fun activities, then beach surfing will be an amazing option. As there are many beaches, getting to find a location to surf will not be an issue. So, some of the best beaches that you can use to surf are:

  • Arrifana
  • Amado
  • Cordoama
  • Tonel

There is a lot more near the sea rather than the beaches. Visit Pego Do Inferno.

It is a unique thing to visit near the sea with water, but it is not like a beach. However, the beauty of this place brings a lot of tourists to visit it. With more shade and less sand, this can be an amazing picnic spot to stay away from the rush of people.

Coming here on classic Combi VW and other older vans with the family will be the best choice. You can easily get the car from us. However, make sure to bring some food for yourself here.

Getting safari rides will be an amazing experience.

If you want to get closer to the wildlife, then you can get the Safari rides in Algarve. These rides will take you very near to the wildlife while maintaining a safe distance. It will be an amazing experience for the families, especially with kids. The best part is that you can do some of these safari rides in cars like Mini Moke and Mehari. The best locations for Safari here are:

  • Faro.
  • Albufeira
  • Loule

These locations can tell you a lot about the wildlife and the nature of Algarve, Portugal.

Final Thoughts:

Although this is a place famous because of the amazing beaches that you can visit here. It does not mean that there is nothing to explore on the land. We can say that this can be your most perfect trip if you are looking for diversity. The thing that will make the trip even more interesting and memorable will be our car hire services.

You can get our services to get classic cars and Combi VW vans according to your needs. Well, this will not only make you explore the place in style, but you can also experience the atmosphere in a better way. Here we discussed all the different things that you must experience in Algarve, like Golf, Vineyards, beach surf, and city exploring.