Classic car Citroen Mehari

€200 €300

Tax included.


It is no coincidence that Citroen launched this car in may 1968. What better time to unveil a never seen before plastic, open, all-terrain car that in the exact period when french youth was striking and rioting in hope for more freedom. The production stopped only twenty years after. You can have your greatly restored for your holidays and be the coolest guy/girl on the beach.


Up to 4 people - Dog friendly

 Manual transmission

 100km/day included

 Yellow and white seats cover

✔ Restored with love by our craftmen 


♡ What's next? 

You find the perfect one? It's time to book your loved one and to prepare luggages. Don't forget sunglasses to match style with your brand new favorite car !
Rent a Citroen Mehari totally restored by our craftmen in Algarve, Portugal.

A classic Citroen Mehari for rental to lovers of classics driving, weddings or events

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