Classic Motorbike Side Car Filipe - with driver only


Tax included.

Immerse yourself in the past with this incredible vintage motorcycle equipped with a Filipe sidecar. This iconic combination takes you back to a time when adventure was experienced on two wheels, accompanied by your trusty passenger in the sidecar. It's the ultimate way to capture the essence of freedom on the road.


Choose to rent your vintage vehicle to organize your event, photo shoot, cinema or cultural tour at the wheel of a classic vehicle with your Blue Classics guide
ind the wheel of a classic vehicle with your Blue Classics guide


✔ Meticulous restoration to preserve its original charm.
✔ Manual gearbox for an authentic driving experience.
✔ Up to 100 km per day included.

♡ What's more?

Have you found the perfect motorcycle? It's time to book and prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure. Whether you go alone or accompanied, the Filipe motorcycle with sidecar promises you lasting memories at every turn.

Enjoy the opportunity to climb aboard this classic motorcycle and feel the power of the engine while admiring the scenery with your passenger in the sidecar. A unique experience awaits you, so don't delay in booking and setting off on an adventure on the roads with this legendary motorcycle.


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