Classic car Fiat 600


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Step into the charming world of a vintage Fiat 600. This iconic Italian compact car is a symbol of style, simplicity, and a delightful dose of nostalgia. With its timeless design and compact charm, this vintage Fiat 600 is your ticket to a retro adventure.


Choose to rent your vintage vehicle to organize your event, photo shoot, cinema or cultural tour at the wheel of a classic vehicle with your Blue Classics guide
ind the wheel of a classic vehicle with your Blue Classics guide


  • Lovingly restored to preserve its original character.
  • Manual transmission for an authentic driving experience.
  • Up to 100 km per day included.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for added convenience during your retro journey.

♡ What's more?

Have you found the perfect vintage Fiat 600? It's time to reserve this piece of Italian automotive history and prepare for an unforgettable journey. Whether you're planning a leisurely drive through picturesque countryside roads, a city exploration like no other, or simply want to embrace the simplicity of the past, the Fiat 600 is your trusty companion for a nostalgic voyage.

Seize the opportunity to navigate the streets with timeless charm, turning heads and creating memories reminiscent of days gone by. With its enduring appeal and meticulous restoration, this vintage Fiat 600 offers a unique way to rediscover the joy of simpler times. Reserve now and set out on a retro adventure filled with character and flair.


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