Classic car Renault Caravelle, the Bardot

€330 €450

Tax included.

Discover the timeless magic of the vintage Renault Caravelle. This elegant French convertible car is synonymous with refinement and adventure. With its flowing lines and classic design, it embodies the French chic of the 60s. Prepare for an exhilarating retro journey aboard this automotive icon.


Choose to rent your vintage vehicle to organize your event, photo shoot, cinema or cultural tour at the wheel of a classic vehicle with your Blue Classics guide
ind the wheel of a classic vehicle with your Blue Classics guide


✔ Careful restoration to preserve its original charm.
✔ Manual gearbox for an authentic driving experience.
✔ Up to 100 km per day included.

♡ What's more?

Have you found the perfect Renault Caravelle? It's time to reserve this masterpiece of French automotive design and prepare yourself for a stylish adventure. Whether it's a romantic getaway along the coast or a trip around town, this convertible offers you an incomparable driving experience.

Feel the wind in your hair as you travel the roads with style and grace. A classic experience awaits you, so don't delay in booking and discovering French elegance.

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