Classic Mini 1000


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Immerse yourself in the 60s with this superb restored Mini 1000, a true icon of the era! Designed for the British market, this little marvel has captured the hearts of classic car enthusiasts around the world. It is the car that embodies the retro spirit and British elegance.


Choose to rent your vintage vehicle to organize your event, photo shoot, cinema or cultural tour at the wheel of a classic vehicle with your Blue Classics guide
ind the wheel of a classic vehicle with your Blue Classics guide


✔ Complete restoration carried out with passion.
✔ Manual gearbox for an authentic driving experience.
✔ Up to 100 km per day included.
✔ Bluetooth connection for a modern and convenient driving experience.

♡ What's more?

Have you found the perfect car? It's time to book your loved one and prepare your luggage. Don't forget your sunglasses to complete your style with your brand new favorite car!

Take advantage of the opportunity to live a unique experience behind the wheel of this Classic Mini 1000. With its timeless charm and meticulous restoration, it is ready to take you on a nostalgic journey through time. Don't miss this chance to be part of British automotive history. Book now and go on an adventure!

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